Metalix CAD CAM for CNC Turret Punch / Laser Cut Machines

Metalix - CAD/CAM that speaks your machine language !!!


  1. Most user friendly  CAD/CAM  Software for Indian market
  2. 24 hours service support
  3. Any brand and any model of Turret Punching or Laser machines
  4. Free Training from Heta Services
  5. Proven for all models of Amada / Trumpf / Finnpower / Bystronic / Mazak / Prima Power / Yawei / Yangli / Boschert / Euromac / Durma / Ermaksan / Muratec



•    Save your material & time than any other in the market
•    Hole Filling Automatic
•    Common Punching / Cutting while Auto nesting



CAD module
What is speciality of CAD ?
•    Automatically detects and corrects unclosed contours
•    Allows placing dimensions and text easily, using Windows Fonts
•    Sheet metal specific commands

  • o Notching
  • o Chamfering
  • o Filleting
  • o Shapes Detection
  • o Shapes Editing


CAD Link- Let's connect Metalix with proven 3D CAD

CAM Module

•    CAD & CAM in single window makes it most user friendly software in the world
•    Automatic tooling with common punching
•    Automatic operation of Special tools....
•    1 day training to start production

CAM Layers

•    Trumpf Laser & Amada Punching ? No problem. Just single CAD file with layer of as many as CAM as of your machines !!!
•    Each layer can contain its sole processing; hence one part can be used to
•    generate NC codes for distinctive machines (Punch, Cutting, Combined etc)

Tubes ? Pipes ?
cncKad supports Laser/Plasma/Flame machines equipped with a CNC Rotary Axis head, enabling cutting parametrically defined intersections between tubes, and between a tube and a plane. It also supports single-sided or double-sided lapped intersections using a simple graphic interface.