Dapeng -China

Dapeng Laser's marking machine is manufactured from a modular aluminum structural framing system. The high-strength aluminum profiles provide the stability of an optical instrument with the rigidity and durability of a machine tool. The JPT series Fiber Laser Marking Machine adopts superior quality fiber laser and high precison digital scan head to enable stable output and high quality laser mode. Fiber laser marking machine can meet the demand of mass production with fast marking speed,good marking effect and high efficiency.

Cost saving on power consumption/Unit Power only 0.6KW
No routine maintenance/ zero-maintenance
Life time over 100,000hrs
Air cooled/No chiller needed
Red aiming pointer/No more mistakes
Solid aluminum top work surface & Swing arm laptop stand
Portable tabletop units to automated production systems available

We offer Fiber Laser Marking Machine with following applications:
Laser marking of metal & non-metal material and products: Stainless steel, gold, silver, copper,
aluminium alloy, hardware, tools, acrylic, ceramics, plastics, organics, thermo-elastomer
rubbers, paper and others
Hall marking on Gold
Automotive & Engineering Industries
Electronic industry: Capacitor, inductor, PCB, IC, connector, control panel and
other instruments
Others: Cosmetics, food package, bottle, gift, advertisement & sign crafts, craft & gift
We also provides laser sources and spare parts to the laser machine manufacturers in China and
surrounding countries.